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Could you solve the riddle in less than 20 seconds? No? Then you should keep on reading and try NeuroNation’s brain games. They can boost your brain’s health and strengthen your mental performance.

Games for your brain are a fun way of challenging yourself mentally. Regular training with brain games will keep your brain at its highest level and boost your cognitive performance to its maximum.

It is well known that physical exercise leads to a longer and happier life. So what about exercise for your brain? According to the latest findings in Neuroscience, your brain reaches its peak performance at 16-25 years, and thereafter cognitive functioning declines [1].

Changes in Cognition without a correct training with Brain games

But the good news is: Neuroscience shows that you can train your own brain to increase your cognitive performance. In fact, your brain is able to change through various stimulations. Neuroscience calls this ability ‘neuroplasticity’, which represents the capability of our nervous system to physiologically change when it is being challenged on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, the best training doesn’t do you any good, if you don’t do it regularly. But with any training that challenges you, it is quite hard to stay consistent if you’re not having fun with it.

The same is true for brain training: we will only keep up training regularly with exercises we enjoy.

Motivating games can fuel your brain

That’s why NeuroNation has designed challenging and logic games for your brain that will keep you motivated. They’re called ‘games’ for a reason: while their goal is to improve your cognitive functions and performance, they are still playful, fun and engaging. Our brain games particularly target your working memory, which is extremely important for your daily functioning. Scientists regard working memory as the fundamental basis of all our thinking, learning and problem solving.

We need working memory in order to understand complex topics, solve problems, and store new information. Dr. Sherry Willis, Professor at the University of Texas [2], found that by training with brain games, individuals became more efficient at performing their everyday tasks of different complexity.

But our brain games also challenge your memory, logic, attention, and verbal skills through a variety of brain exercises based on scientific research.

Another advantage of brain games is that their cognitive benefits can be felt long into old age. According to a study in Neuroscience, published in Psychological Medicine [3], adults who engage in regular mental stimulation are 46% less likely to develop dementia than those who aren’t mentally active,

Dr. Karen Li, head of Concordia University’s laboratory for adult development and cognitive aging, recommends that adults try brain games they find motivating such as logic exercises, puzzle games or crosswords, as a way for an effective brain boost to enhance their cognitive performance.

NeuroNation brain games help you in daily life

Our brain games consist of five categories that all challenge different parts of your brain:


Numeracy Brain Games cathegory from NeuroNation

The category ‘Numeracy’ trains your algebraic skills. Its exercises are extremely useful for your everyday dealing with numbers. They not only improve your math skills but also strengthen your problem solving and logical thinking abilities. For example, the exercise ‘Chain Reaction’ asks you to perform mental calculations quickly, memorize the result and quickly apply it to the next equation in the chain. The goal is to continue the chain for as long as possible.

(Please note: before playing the games you will be required to answer a few questions in order to create the best suitable workout for you)


Language Cathegory Brain Games from NeuroNation

In this category, your verbal fluency and your articulation are being trained. Because of the ever-changing requirements, this category also tests your working memory, your multitasking abilities, and your visual tracking. In the exercise ‘Password’, you are shown a series of letters, which you have to form as many words as possible out of. Here, your vocabulary and your verbal articulation are tested.


Reasoning Brain Games cathegory from NeuroNation

The ‘Reasoning’ category trains your ability to recognise patterns, meaning the relationship of one object to a group of other objects. We constantly have to recognize patterns in our everyday life in order to form logical conclusions and solve problems. This category really challenges your logical thinking but also your  concentration and processing capacities. In the exercise ‘Solitaria’ you need to quickly recognize patterns, and identify the one object that is different to all the others.


Memory Brain Games cathegory from NeuroNation

This is the category that focuses on your working memory. You need working memory to remember information and keep several information simultaneously at your disposal. A well-trained working memory means a better attention span, and the ability to resist temptations. It also influences your IQ. The exercise ‘Memobox’ requires you to remember the amount of colored balls going in and out of several different boxes. Focus, memory, and processing capacities are key here.


Reasoning Brain Games cathegory from NeuroNation

‘Perception’ is designed to train your sensory acuity. This makes you process information faster, and react quickly to changing situations. Your attention and multitasking skills are particularly trained in this category. ‘Color Craze’ is a challenging exercise that gives you more control over automatic actions of yours. You have to either click on a color or a symbol, depending on what is being sought. The exercise is designed to work against your impulses, so you will train your ability to resist your impulses.

Brain games: the best way to challenge your brain

Our brain is an amazing organ. In a time of constant information overload, taking care of your brain health is more important than ever. Instead of traditional brain games like puzzles, solitaire, crossword puzzles or board games, challenge yourself with NeuroNation brain games as a playful and fun alternative that is based on Neuroscience. Let our games give your brain a boost and help you stay mentally fit and healthy.

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