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7 ways to make brain training a habit

If you enjoy brain training but find it difficult to train on a regular basis we have just the right thing for you. Do you ever finish a training session and feel great and happy with yourself, but the next day you already find yourself making up excuses as to why you can’t make the training? Why is it so hard to make something part of our daily life even if we enjoy doing it?

Unfortunately, any kind of training can only be successful if done on a regular basis. Which is why we thought we’d give you a hand in overcoming your inner laziness and help you make brain training part of your everyday routine – while still enjoying it! Over the years we have done a great deal of research and have documented a lot of our member’s experiences they have shared with us. Here are our 7 findings:

1. Set realistic goals

Ziele realistisch setzenStudies have shown that setting goals for yourself will help you achieve more. Your goals should be challenging but still reachable. This is because if your goals are not accomplished, you will feel frustrated and be more inclined to give up altogether. Being a premium member here at NeuroNation will give you full access to all of our courses which are specifically designed to give you the right amount of brain training every day – tailored to your personal needs. Our brain training is challenging but fun, making it enjoyable to follow through with it. All you have to do is log on and start the training, we’ll take care of the rest.

2. Develop a routine

We are creatures of habit. As such, we need to make something part of our routine in order to stick to it. Think about what time of day is the most enjoyable for you to do your brain training session. Are you usually motivated in the morning when your brain is fresh and excited for the day or does your brain enjoy a little afternoon boost to refuel itself for the rest of the day? Whatever time you prefer most, our brain exercises are always here to boost your brain and make you feel great. We at NeuroNation will make sure you’re in good hands.

3. Combine your routines

Researchers have found that the easiest way to make something part of your daily routine is to link it to an activity that is already part of your routine. That way, every time you do something that is already a habit of yours, you will automatically think of doing your new habit as well. If you like reading the paper at breakfast, try putting your smartphone or tablet right next to you so that you can move on to doing your brain training session as soon as you have finished reading the paper.

4. Be kind to yourself

Every year, we tell ourselves this year will be different – we will make much better decisions, be smarter, healthier, more active and so on – only to be frustrated by February when we realize we have broken every one of our resolutions. But don’t worry, a failed resolution is no reason to panic! After all, a New Year’s resolution cannot simply erase all our experiences, memories, and choices that made us who we are – with all our little quirks and habits. So be kind to yourself and don’t freak out next time you don’t achieve a goal you set yourself – it happens to the best of us! Setbacks are part of the deal and they are here to motivate us to try harder next time.

5. The early bird catches the worm

If you’re a night person, go ahead and skip this one. The rest of us however will be happy to know that our self control – our ability to fight impulses such as not eating the chocolate bar we crave (and opt for the apple instead) – is strongest in the morning before it gradually decreases throughout the day. Our self control works like a battery that slowly but steadily loses its power until it has to be recharged again (usually at night when we sleep). So by the time we go to sleep, we have had to fight all kinds of impulses during the day and our self control is exhausted.

6. Simplify your life

Von überall aus trainierenEven if brain training has become part of your daily routine, there are those days when hitting the snooze button seems much more tempting than doing your daily training. Don’t stress yourself if you’re having a lazy day.With NeuroNation you can catch up on any missed training whenever you want to, wherever you are. Missed your daily morning training? Simply make up for it on the train on your way to work – NeuroNation brain training can be done on our app or website – wherever you are!

7. It’s the little things that count

And sometimes, there are those days when even the thought of any training makes us cringe. If you ever feel like brain training is the last thing on your mind, how about doing only one exercise instead of an entire session? This way you will not break your brain training routine but won’t spend much time doing something you’re not in the mood for. After all, our brain training is supposed to be fun and enjoyable.

No pain, no gain – this is true for brain training as well. But NeuroNation works hard at making sure our brain training benefits and challenges your brain while still entertaining you. We are always looking for new ways to integrate brain training into our daily routine. If you have any techniques you follow and would like to share with us, email us at We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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