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Warming up the brain improves learning ability

Scientists from Yale University are bringing good news again. This time, they analyzed the effect of a 5-minute warm-up brain-training session on the performance of kids at school.

The result: The kids’ attention span improved immediately after the session and showed significant lasting improvements in the overall performance after a 4-month training course.

Is brain training better than tutoring?

Over the course of four months, 200 participants performed a brain-training course three times a week. The results are promising: compared to an untrained control group, the children significantly improved their performance at school material. The scientists explain this finding with the Priming Effect.

In psychology, Priming is the activation of associations based on previous experience. In solving brain-training tasks, the kids reached a higher degree of concentration and were able to directly learn and retain new information.

Remarkable is the lasting effect of the brain boost. The analyzed effect is more significant compared to studies, which examined the impact of tutoring. These findings may indicate that brain training can improve children’s learning ability even better than tutoring.

Warm up the brain and stay on top

Learning from the study: Warm up your brain before cognitive tasks. In just 5 minutes, brain training prepares our brain for upcoming tasks and improves performance. Feel the study-proven effect and get your brain to the right temperature with NeuroNation brain training.

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1: Wexler, B. E. et al. Training: Immediate and far transfer to academic skills in children. Scientific Reports 6, (2016).

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