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The goal of our training 'Reasoning' is to strengthen your ability to draw logical conclusions. This ability is extremely important in our everyday life, which is why it is an inherent part of standard IQ tests. The most common exercise to test this is to have participants resume a numerical series. Successful participants need to recognize the pattern making up the numerical series and continue the series with it. Our everyday life is filled with situations in which we need to make use of our reasoning abilities, which is why this training is so important.

'Reasoning' is particulary designed for people who need to assess certain situations in a short time span and make decisions based on these assessments.  

The science behind NeuroNation

The science behind NeuroNationThe foundation for the science behind NeuroNation was established with the help of researchers at the FU Berlin. We continue this type of scientific collaboration in the form of other ongoing collaborations with renowned scientists worldwide. As a result, we are able to constantly strengthen the efficacy of NeuroNation’s workout and training. Currently, NeuroNation has been used in eight scientific studies.

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