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The training 'Numeracy' targets your handling of numbers and particularly strengthens your mental arithmetic abilities. Mental arithmetic does not only require the ability to solve algebraic equations but also the capacity to temporarily store information in our working memory. A positive side effect of this training is therefore that it also trains the working memory. That way, it strengthens a capacity of yours that is essential to you getting through all the tasks of your daily life. 

Furthermore, the training is extremely useful to those who don't get the chance to train their mental arithmetic capacities and their grey brain cells throughout the day, due to the omnipresent availability of calculators. 

The science behind NeuroNation

The science behind NeuroNationThe foundation for the science behind NeuroNation was established with the help of researchers at the FU Berlin. We continue this type of scientific collaboration in the form of other ongoing collaborations with renowned scientists worldwide. As a result, we are able to constantly strengthen the efficacy of NeuroNation’s workout and training. Currently, NeuroNation has been used in eight scientific studies.



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