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The training 'Memory' is designed to strengthen the so-called working memory. Our working memory is the part of our brain that is essential for making sure we are able to think intelligently and act reasonably. It temporarily stores new information, keeps it at our disposal and aligns it with other incoming information. Its importance cannot be overestimated: It is deeply intertwined with our fluid intelligence, which determines our IQ level, amongst other things. 

Firstly, the working memory training increases our memory span (the amount of information we can take in) through personalized training. Secondly, it strengthens our ability to compare stored information with newly incoming one and update it if necessary. 

The 'Memory' training is especially convenient for people who need to remember a large amount of information - at school, in their job, or at university. 

The science behind NeuroNation

The science behind NeuroNationThe foundation for the science behind NeuroNation was established with the help of researchers at the FU Berlin. We continue this type of scientific collaboration in the form of other ongoing collaborations with renowned scientists worldwide. As a result, we are able to constantly strengthen the efficacy of NeuroNation’s workout and training. Currently, NeuroNation has been used in eight scientific studies.

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