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The human intelligence has been systematically analysed for over 100 years. It was believed for a long time that an individual's intelligence is fixed and can therefore not be changed. However, in the last few years, scientists were able to demonstrate that the right training can in fact alter our intelligence. Particularly, components such as speed of thinking, the ability to draw logical conclusions, and our mental performance were proven to be increased significantly. 

Our training 'Intelligence' can help those who often have to make decisions without knowing all the relevant background information. The 'Intelligence' training improves your ability to interpret the information that is available to you, so that you can make thorough decisions even without all relevant information for it at hand. 

The science behind NeuroNation

The science behind NeuroNationThe foundation for the science behind NeuroNation was established with the help of researchers at the FU Berlin. We continue this type of scientific collaboration in the form of other ongoing collaborations with renowned scientists worldwide. As a result, we are able to constantly strengthen the efficacy of NeuroNation’s workout and training. Currently, NeuroNation has been used in eight scientific studies.

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