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How competition changes our life

Paying attention to your health, staying fit, reading books, learning foreign languages, taking control of your life – all of this takes willpower and motivation.

Ever wondered what motivates you to master your day-to-day challenges? Hitting the gym after an exhausting day – instead of chilling out with two, three or even ten episodes of your favorite series – is certainly not easy and a bowl of pasta is a lot more tempting than an apple with a salad for dinner.

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania tackled this subject and reached an astonishing conclusion. According to their study, which was published in Preventative Medicine Reports, it is indeed pesky competition that is by far the biggest motivating factor that pushes us through life.

90% higher motivation through competition

800 study participants were divided into 4 groups and had to fulfill physical exercises. They have not been informed about any performance analysis, but in two groups the circumstances where more competitive (f.i. doing same exercise against a partner).

The results are astounding: Participants from groups within a competitive environment showed not only noticeably better results, but also significantly higher attendance rates (90% more compared to the control group). This means that competitive spirit not only boosts performance, but also almost doubled their motivation to participate.

Feel the difference

According to the scientists, this effect can be applied to other areas of life – stick to a tough diet, quit smoking, keep the body up to shape or workout your brain and keep your mind sharp. All of these tasks require motivation and willpower. Healthy competition makes it fun and engaging.

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