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Bulletproof Brain Training: Study proves effectiveness of NeuroNation Premium

Several studies have shown that cognitive functions – including memory, attention, multitasking – can be trained.

Most of these studies were performed under very controlled conditions in a lab in the presence of a scientist. Therefore, it has been under debate, whether brain training, exercised from your cozy home, is truly effective.

To prove the effectiveness of home-based training, a group of researchers from the Medical School of Hamburg and the University of Würzburg in Germany teamed up and designed a bulletproof study.

Just on time for Christmas, we are happy and very proud to present the results. The team around Prof. Dr. Strobach could finally prove – with high significance – the effectiveness of NeuroNation premium brain training is also strong without supervision and from the calm of your home.

The study

The researchers recruited participants via internet and newspaper advertisements to a training study, in which the participants were to train on various NeuroNation exercises from the comfort of their own homes. The participants were divided into two groups: the training group practiced on NeuroNation memory exercises, whereas the control group practiced verbal knowledge. Altogether over 170 participants finished the study.

After only 21 training sessions, the training group improved memory and also other cognitive functions, such as processing speed.

Even more exciting are the everyday-life results. The training group also reported significantly less cognitive failures, like forgetting appointments, forgetting names, getting easily distracted, and difficulties in making decisions.

Leading scientist Prof. Dr. Tilo Strobach commented on the results:

“Since the participants were randomly assigned to the training and control groups, and since we also made sure that the performances of both groups were equal before training, we can conclude that the performance differences after training can be attributed to the training intervention.”

The results of this study provide new evidence, that you are doing the right step by training with NeuroNation. We dedicate our full focus to make sure, that your time is well invested and the results are significant. Gift yourself a healthy brain for Christmas and start your NeuroNation Premium Training today. The effects will be noticeable soon – promised (and proven)!

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1: Strobach, T. & Huestegge, L. (2017). Evaluating the effectiveness of commercial brain game training with working-memory tasks. Journal of Cognitive Enhancement.

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