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The goal of our training 'Fluency' is to increase your mental agility and speed of thinking. Furthermore, it targets your working memory and mental performance. Working memory is what helps us store information in our short-term memory, keep it on instant disposal, and align it with new incoming information. It is highly connected to our fluid intelligence, which has a significant influence on our IQ level. (If you would like to challenge your working memory even more intensely, we recommend you train with our course 'Memory' in order to do so). 'Fluency' is the ideal training for everyone who needs to mentally stay on top of things in their everyday life - at work or at home - and has to focus on different tasks at the same time.

The science behind NeuroNation

The science behind NeuroNationThe foundation for the science behind NeuroNation was established with the help of researchers at the FU Berlin. We continue this type of scientific collaboration in the form of other ongoing collaborations with renowned scientists worldwide. As a result, we are able to constantly strengthen the efficacy of NeuroNation’s workout and training. Currently, NeuroNation has been used in eight scientific studies.

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