#1 Brain Training Games

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The science behind NeuroNation


Professor Dr. med. Falkenstein

"Many people are capable of improving specific cognitive functions with targeted cognitive training. NeuroNation consists of simple but motivating exercises."

Scientifically based Brain Games
People often try to keep their brains active using Sudoko or crosswords. While fun, these games are unfortunately ineffective. Science has come up with a far better way to stay mentally active - with personalized brain training! NeuroNation A gym for the braintargets and challenges your memory, logic, attention, and verbal skills through a variety of exercises based on scientific research. With time you get better at both the exercises and everyday life, as demonstrated by Dr. Sherry Willis, Professor at the University of Texas. Willis found that with brain training, subjects became faster at performing everyday tasks of differing complexity - from writing a shopping list to operating technical equipment. Willis also reported that the memory of subjects improved, and these enhancements lasted up to five years following the work-out. 

Over 60 exercises

Personalized training

Monitor your progress

Scientifically proven

Effective memory courses

Compare your performance