New Study says ‘Brain training’ can cuts dementia risk in healthy adults by 48%

After analyzing the results of a 10-year study, US researchers reported that brain training can decrease the risk of dementia by as much as 48%.


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The Study

The ACTIVE study had 2,785 older individuals of good health split into 3 groups. First received memory training, second trained their reasoning, while third received training focused on processing speed.

Each participant did a minimum of 10 one-hour trainings over 5 weeks in an environment that resembles classroom. Part of the people originally tested conducted 4 more trainings a year later, and another 4 two years after the original sessions.

The secondary analysis of the 10-year study data was conducted by associate Professor of Aging Studies at the University of South Florida, Dr. Jerri Edwards. She examined how long it took for people to develop dementia. Her findings show that the group who did processing speed training had 33% lower chance to develop dementia than the control group. Those who did more than ten sessions had as much as 48% decreased risk of dementia, according to Dr. Jerri Edwards.

In 2014, neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists from Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin and Centre on Longevity of Stanford University claimed there was “little evidence” on the brain games effectiveness. Annoyed by the debate in the scientific research, Dr. Edwards decided to share the findings before the study gets published.

It is clear that scientific debate and research needs to continue. However, the tone is likely to be quite different now that there are indications that brain training helps people forestall dementia.

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