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Fitness for your Brain

Wissenschaftliches Gehirnjogging für Jung und Alt

Scientifically Proven

You keep your body fit, so why not your brain? NeuroNation brain training exercises aim to improve your working memory, which is your ability to process information quickly, make rational decisions and ignore distractions. What's more, working memory is directly related to intelligence - the more you train, the smarter you can be.  

Improve your Cognition

NeuroNation continuously adapts to your performance, ensuring that you remain challenged but not overwhelmed by the training. Our comprehensive progress evaluations inform you of your progress, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. This helps you stay motivated, and see the improvements from training.
Gehirntraining verbessert Kognition
Mit Wissenschaftlern entwickelt

Developed with Scientists

Together with research institutions such as the Free University in Berlin, we have developed the brain training of tomorrow. NeuroNation is at the forefront of scientific research, with our exercises incorporating the latest findings in Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology. We work hard to stay a step ahead of the rest, ensuring our customers see the greatest possible cognitive benefits by training with us.

Over 60 stimulating exercises

NeuroNation offers over 60 brain training exercises to help you improve your cognition. That is a lot of variety! We also have 9 personalized courses, which train various functions of your brain on a daily basis.
Gedächtnisübungen für Ihr Gehirn
Gehirnjogging für Web und App
The gym for your mind: Brain training on the web and app
NeuroNation brain training can be done on the web or app. Start your day training comfortably at home, before hitting the road and using your smartphone or tablet. Every day there will be pockets of time where you can play a two minute exercise to improve your cognitive functioning.

Personalized Brain Training for the young and old

Do you want to improve your memory, focus or intelligence? How about all three? NeuroNation provides personalized training for persons of all ages and walks of life. We have developed exercises to adapt to your performance - keeping you engaged and motivated. We are here to help, and will do whatever it takes to help you see the improvements you want.
Für alle Generationen

What is NeuroNation Brain Training?

NeuroNation offers brain training of the next generation. Our training is personalized; adapting to your performance and goals. You can improve your focus, memory and intelligence by training with us. Our exercises are developed by cooperating with top international scientists, based on successful experiments such as the Matrix tests. We offer brain training that can help school students train their arithematic abilities, school graduates prepare for aptitude tests,  college students improve their critical thinking, professionals prevent burn out, and seniors minimize their risk of developing dementia - to only name a few of the possible benefits!

Our Mission

Our mission at NeuroNation is to stress the importance of staying mentally active - because an active mind means a happier and healthier you. Although sport has long been endorsed to improve our physical fitness, the potential of brain training for a healthy brain has not yet received sufficient attention. The scientific foundations and personalization of our exercises, not to mention the instant feedback which you receive while training with us lays excellent foundations for the use of NeuroNation in preventative medicine and rehabilitation initiatives. In fact - we are the only brain training to be reimbursed by a health insurance company. Brain training has been found useful for a variety of reasons, from Alzheimer’s prevention to the minimization of workplace stress. We at NeuroNation believe we are part of a positive health revolution - aiming to empower you with enhanced cognitive abilities and confidence.